2 Ton FloorBoss™ Floor Service Jack

2 Ton FloorBoss™ Floor Service Jack


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OTC 1525 OTC1525 2 Ton FloorBoss™ Floor Service Jack

Features and Benefits:

  • FloorBoss™ gives you two tons of lifting power with a lift range of 3-3/4" to 22-1/2"
  • The strongest jack frame in its class; features flanged edges, both top and bottom, to resist twisting
  • The large, unique saddle provides a secure and stable lifting platform
  • Sealed cylinder prevents contamination of hydraulic system
  • Comes with OTC Lifetime Marathon Warranty, the best in business
Lifting a low-clearance vehicle? No problem. The handle is angled back so you won’t hit it against the bumper as you easily extend the jack while viewing the load contact point. The long 48" handle, combined with the 30-1/2" chassis length, makes positioning under air dams easy. Conforms to ANSI PALD PART 10 standard. Low lift reach: 27"; wheel base: 23-1/2" Chassis height: 6-1/2"; saddle diameter: 5-1/4".