Spill Free Funnel

Spill Free Funnel

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Lisle 24680 LIS24680 Spill Free Funnel

Features and Benefits:

  • Eliminates trapped air pockets which usually cause erratic cooling system and heater performance
  • Controls the proper amount of coolant entering system and enables unattended filling of the cooling system
  • Eliminates squeaky belts caused by coolant overflow and protects the environment
  • Angled neck allows use on radiator caps that are placed at an angle
  • Extension allows access to caps located under shrouds or in fender walls

Includes adapter for use with threaded caps on Ford surge tanks, straight extension and an additional 45° elbow for hard-to-reach applications. Five adapters fit most domestic and import cars and light trucks. Includes threaded cap and adapter for newer GM “threaded style” radiator openings.