7.5 HP 80 Gallon Compressor. 24 CFM, 175 PSI

7.5 HP 80 Gallon Compressor. 24 CFM, 175 PSI

CODE: IRTC2475N7.5

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Ingersoll Rand 45465408 IRTC2475N7.5 7.5 HP 80 Gallon Compressor. 24 CFM, 175 PSI

Features and Benefits

  • Durable cast iron design for 100% continuous duty application
  • Precision engineered components for high reliability
  • Individually cast cylinders, overhung crankshaft and one piece connecting rod for ease of maintenance and service
  • High efficiency finger valves
  • 175 psig maximum operating pressure for applications requiring high air capacity and pressure
  • Includes manual drain and automatic start/stop control with pressure switch

Ingersoll-Rand, the world leader in air power, brings industrial-class, two-stage compressors to automotive applications. Featuring an all-cast-iron pump, with splash lubrication for efficient operation and easy serviceability, this new range delivers non-stop performance and reliability for commercial or automotive service applications. Type 30 compressors have been designed to generate maximum air output at 175 psi, with more than 10,000 hours durability. Ingersoll-Rand two-stage compressors offer you more choices of compressor sizes and features to suit your needs that deliver maximum operating pressure, increased air flow and extended duty cycles. Value packages include manual drain, automatic start/stop control with pressure switch.