ToolOutfitters.com is a sister site to ToolOutfitters.net. ToolOutfitters.com provides some of the same products that ToolOutfitters.net does (in some cases, at lower prices) and quite a bit more that it doesn't. Below is the original "About Tool Outfitters" from the ToolOutfitters.net site.

I have been in the automotive repair business for 20 years and counting. Throughout those years I have literally spent tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars in tools and equipment because we all know that having the right tools is a must in this line of work.

Since I was spending so much on tools from the mobile tool dealers I decided to look for a cheaper alternative. I researched and found a few wholesale companies that sold quality tools but in order for me to purchase from these companies I had to become a tool dealer myself. What I also discovered through my research is that the mobile tool dealers, that we have spent so much money on through the years, purchase these same tools from the manufacturers and put their name on the product and sell them to us at an incredibly inflated price. Don't get me wrong. These mobile tool dealer companies do provide quality basic hand tools such as sockets and wrenches but as far as the specialty tools and equipment they can be acquired at a much cheaper cost.

So since I am a tool dealer now I thought that I would create Tool Outfitters so that I could pass the savings onto my colleagues. I have researched and found the cheapest way to create this online store and will be operating it on my own so that I can provide you with the lowest cost on tools.

Thank you for visiting Tool Outfitters and I hope to be doing business with you real soon if not now.